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Honest Quality CBD Reviews™

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Honest Quality CBD Reviews™

Why We Need CBD Reviews

Perfect Plant™ believes that a young industry like the hemp-derived CBD market needs to provide consumers with reputable, honest products. Perfect Plant™ is here to be a resource that you, the buyer of CBD products, can discover high-quality, safe CBD products. By providing Honest Quality CBD Reviews™, a comprehensive review of CBD products, we hope that consumers will come to find Perfect Plant™ to be a tool you can rely upon for product information; a great place to compare products to ones you already buy; and, maybe even learn a few things you might want to consider before making your next purchase.

Look for the Score

To help you make educated decisions about your CBD purchase, look for this icon with a score of up to 100 points for each CBD review. If a score is less than 100, there will be a good reason for it. You can sort products by their total score so you know you are only buying the best. We also invite manufacturers to review the score we assign to products in hope that consideration will be given for ways to improve their products for the benefit of everyone. These scores are assessed objectively and without any compensation from any CBD product producer.

CBD Review Breakdown

Perfect Plant™ utilizes a handful of categories to complete our Honest Quality CBD Reviews™. Each category consists of subclasses allowing for in-depth evaluation preventing an all-or-nothing approach.

Product Quality Assessment:
A Certificate of Analysis (COA), preferably for each batch of product should be readily available to the consumer to ensure potency, and a lack of harmful & residual chemicals, heavy metals, mold, pesticides, and microbiological contamination in the product they are buying.
Product processing in high-quality lab environments will also contribute to a higher score for product quality assessment.
Ingredient Quality:
We are looking for clean ingredients. Assessment of ingredients that are allowable, yet considered to be potentially harmful or of lesser quality will affect the review score.
Additional score value will be given for improved ingredients such as organic and wildcrafted.
Product Presentation & Safety:
Each product should display clear, easy-to-read labels with full disclosure of what is in the packaging, along with instructions for use.
Products should also have adequate, industry standard safety seals in place.
Responsible Business:
We are looking to recognize businesses that share through their mission statement a purpose to improve the lives of others and create value for the consumer.
Charitable Giving:
Part of the Perfect Plant™ Philosophy is to give back to community as a form of gratitude for the blessings we receive. In support of our suppliers of high-quality CBD who share this philosophy and choose to give back to community, our review score will reflect this.