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Harvesting the holistic benefits of Mother Earth, Pachamama cultivates her nurturing power to foster natural products that support an abundant life. The Pachamama brand cultivates the nurturing power of Mother Earth through their dedication to provide products that support a healthy body and life - so everybody can feel good, live fully and inspire others. They take pride in protecting nature and pioneering the craft.

Rich with cannabinoids that operate harmoniously, a full-spectrum hemp extract can have profound therapeutic benefits. Pachamama employs a distinguished extraction method that's designed to preserve the integrity and holistic benefits of the hemp plant's natural compounds.

The brand goes far beyond the standard and only sources from single-origin hemp. That means that from seed to bottle, Pachamama uses the same strain and family of plants per batch. Because of this, they create consistent and reliable products every single time.

To ensure the utmost purity, every single batch of Pachamama CBD products are tested three times throughout their manufacturing process by a third-party lab. The rigorous testing is conducted on the dry herb at harvest, after extraction takes place, and on the final product after herbal extracts have been infused. They have provided the test results and their certificate of analysis (COA) via a QR code on each of their products and at results. While the testing process is precise and impressive, simply making their results available to us didn't cut it for them. They went far beyond the standard to achieve the Clean Label Project's Purity Award - an award to prove Pachamama's commitment to purity.

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