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Perfect Plant™ is "America's Choice For CBD™" and was established in May 2018. Between our philosophy supporting Conscious Business and our unique approach to product evaluation to ensure quality consciousness, we believe Perfect Plant™ will be your choice for reliable CBD oil product information, high-quality CBD oil products, and your way to change the world through charitable giving and support socially-responsible corporate consciousness.

You will receive our "Honest Opinion" by creating a more in-depth and current review of manufacturers and their CBD Oil products through our Honest Quality Review Process explained in Our Approach section.

Perfect Plant™ will make a memorable impact on the lives of others through our unique "Honest Double Donation" Charity Program allowing you to feel good by consciously deciding to donate twice to charity with every purchase you make.

Perfect Plant™ will make extensive knowledge available to you about CBD and the products we offer, so you can make your best, educated decision when selecting CBD oil.


Perfect Plant™ was born out of more than 25 years experience in science and alternative health. Our dream of a marketplace with health products and supplements containing high-quality products free of questionable additives and ingredients with credible testing to back up claims of quality is now a reality. Although the CBD Oil market has had its initial concerns about the quality of source hemp and other additives, it has rapidly responded to these concerns with favorable results. Companies are setting the bar for high-quality CBD Oil products that test for pesticide residues, heavy metals, and mycotoxins, along with CBD Oil vaping products containing no questionable materials such as PG and PEG (propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol). Perfect Plant™ is here to recognize these companies and inform buyers of manufacturers committed to what we call "Honest Quality."


The days of greedy, unconscionable corporate irresponsibility are numbered. Society continues to demand Conscious Business and Social Responsibility in the products we purchase. Respect for and mindfulness of the Earth and future generations continue to grow. Manufacturers that engage in programs and projects to improve the world and give back, often in the form of donations, are growing, and so is support for these companies. Perfect Plant™ believes in these principles as well. Perfect Plant™'s measure of Conscious Business and Social Responsibility will include these principles in an effort to promote and reward companies for their efforts to build and maintain respectful consciousness.

Perfect Plant™ believes that you, the customer, benefit more from higher quality, transparency, and knowledge. When you have knowledge allowing you to discern quality, we believe you will choose the best products available by voting with your dollars. In turn, manufacturers will strive to meet, exceed, and even innovate the high-quality product standards that customers demand. Perfect Plant™ also believes we can assist you, the customer, in gaining that knowledge by providing an Honest and thorough approach to product evaluation so that you can make educated purchasing decisions. Perfect Plant™ will further recognize those companies that have already achieved such quality milestones, and through our Honest Quality Review process, encourage and help other companies striving for these milestones to meet them more efficiently and rapidly.


Honest Quality Review

Perfect Plant™ is committed to providing a comprehensive evaluation of manufacturers and their CBD oil products by using an extensive critique method. By considering several aspects of quality and conscious business principles, Perfect Plant™ will provide you with a rank using our Honest Quality badge. Perfect Plant™ appreciates and believes that product testing is at the very top of the priorities in ensuring a safe, high-quality CBD oil product. However, Perfect Plant™ won't just stop there. The type or categories of testing also make a difference. Beyond testing for pesticide residues, ensuring the absence of other elements such as heavy metals and mycotoxicity (mold toxins) is crucial. Content breakdown such as levels of cannabinoids and terpenes will also be considered. Levels of these elements can allow you to make educated choices in selecting products that you believe contain components that benefit you most.

Conscious Business and Social Responsibility

Perfect Plant™'s Honest Quality measure of Conscious Business and Social Responsibility will reflect these principles in an effort to promote and reward companies for their efforts to build and maintain respectful corporate consciousness. Perfect Plant™ will also include manufacturing practices and manufacturer's facilities in recognition of fulfillment of these principles.

Product Information

Perfect Plant™ will also strive to ensure that product quality will include product information clearly displayed on the packaging with adequate instruction provided for use through our Honest Quality evaluation.

Honest Double Donation™

In commitment to our philosophy and support as "America's Choice For CBD™." Perfect Plant™ is launching our "Honest Double Donation" charity program. Perfect Plant™ is a Conscious Business dedicated to helping others through charity. When you purchase from Perfect Plant™ you will have the option to choose from a selection of charities we believe support our core philosophies. Some manufacturers also share Perfect Plant™'s core beliefs by giving to charities. By selecting products from manufacturers displaying our "Honest Double Donation" icon, your purchase will contribute to the charity you choose at the time of checkout, and that same manufacturer will also make a charitable donation. You can feel extra good about your purchase knowing that you are creating an "Honest Double Donation" by giving back to others twice!

Resources are limited; creativity is unlimited. Just as happiness is best experienced by not aiming for it directly, profits are best achieved by not making them the primary goal of the business. This is what we know to be true: business is good because it creates value, it is ethical because it is based on voluntary exchange, it is noble because it can elevate our existence, and it is heroic because it lifts people out of poverty and creates prosperity. The myth that profit maximization is the sole purpose of business has done enormous damage to the reputation of capitalism and the legitimacy of business in society. We need to recapture the narrative and restore it to its true essence: that the purpose of business is to improve our lives and to create value for the people who impact and are impacted by a business. We must honor them as people first...
John E. Mackey, CEO Whole Foods